April 3rd, 2008

Fucked Up
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A friend of mine pointed me to an exploding community with lots of wank and flounce.

Over in nonwiccanwitch, saraphyx posts an entry in which she describes having sex with her spiritual guide, who takes the form of a doll. The community leaps on her for being crazy, with the wank starting here. saraphyx gets self rightious, people call troll, and she has her bestest friend come out to fight her battle.

Her friend, fae_lord creates a new entry, yelling at community for driving her friend out and being heartless bitches. It comes out that saraphyx's "friend" is actually her "spirit lover" come to rescue her from the mean pagans.

THEN, someone who isn't a mod, comes out to finger wave at everyone and tell them to all be polite! MORE wank ensues. MORE people who aren't mods post similar entries here and here.

THEN, saraphyx comes back, to FLOUNCE! The community goes batshit ALL OVER AGAIN. She makes another post, deciding to stay and schooling everyone on soulbonding.

A giant clusterfuck of crazy and wank of staggering heights.
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drivebyluna says that "they" do not recommend water births because the baby can get stuck (like they don't get stuck in non-water births) and because THE BABY COULD DROWN

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. It's called an umbilical cord idiot.

EDIT: This thread is filled with lulz throughout.

I don't know if it's more stupid or sad that people are so misinformed about childbirth in general....