March 30th, 2008

DVD & Sweats Day

Oh noes! Am I going to die!?

Sorry I hadn't posted this sooner. I know they say "the only stupid question is one you don't know the answer to," but you would think over in pray samanthasolkova would have used a little common sense... or at least been more specific.

Hi, I joined this community mostly because I have a problem. I have a tongue piercing and I was using Acrylic balls. I should have taken it out when I noticed that the balls would unscrew and fall off into my mouth, but I didn't. Last night, I was eating and the top ball unscrewed itself and I ended up swallowing it. I feel a little bloated but from what I've read about foreign objects, you only really need to look out for intense pain and fever (WebMD). I was wondering if anyone else has swallowed their barbell ball by accident.

Did you get better after a while or did you have to see a doctor? Or even worse, did you go to the ER?

If you're worried about swallowing jewelry, don't get an oral piercing. Everyone told her that she would be fine, and that it was small enough to pass through her system without her even knowing. Oh no, apparently she was worried more about poisoning than it getting stuck. o_O Why not say that in the first place?

A minor stupid, but just goes to show that common sense isn't so common.

EDIT: my favorite comment from the bodymods x-post; spookyevilone's oh so yummy sounding method for clearing one's digestive system.