March 24th, 2008

Hating/trolling at Anti-Feminism

It happens all the time... feminists trolling at anti_feminism. This obvious sockpuppet, however, took it a little farther...

feminazichan (the sockpuppet) makes the original post  with general feminism-rant stuff- I hate men, make me a sammich, stuff like that. She then brings in racism (she will NEVER HAVE WHITE BABIES OMG SO GROSS), a fugly picture, and brags about how her two boyfriends "know their place." Ending with a rant about white men gagging themselves with semen covered socks, the comments begin.

sinkopayshun brings in a macro and general insults.

snatchbeastand subordinate talk about her lack of eyebrows and general fugliness here and here.

Most comments are along the lines of "lulz, you're pretty stupid." So far, the sock puppet hasn't come back yet to fight.

The tags are also pretty funny.

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