March 19th, 2008

nude hands

Oh aria_star, how we've missed you!

Over at weddingplans, _fadeaway makes a post regarding her disappointment that her 1st choice photographer doesn't comply with the "don't see the bride" tradition. All in all, the OP is quite understanding and most brides/vet-brides can understand the OP's disappointment. Comments are a good balance of understanding that (1) photographers don't have to book with brides who don't follow certain terms ans conditions and (2) the bride is under no obligation to book a photographer who won't offer her what she wants. All is good in the world...

Until aria_star shows up into the pictures and is just livid with the idea that a photographer would "require" her clients to break tradition. ... She doesn't seem to understand the concept of a free market. After all, a photographer is there to service the bride ... not earn money. Poor aria_star. I don't think she understands that not everyone follows that "first look" tradition.

It's small tomatoes compared her usual rantings, but it was refreshing to see her pop up today.