March 14th, 2008

Captain bonnie

Since the last law_questions stupid was bahleeted

Let's see if we can go for 2 in a row!

HAI! I was caught violating the law and you guise that mean district attorney was all OMG don't let her expunge and I was all OMG Double you tee eff! Don't that bitch know that I HAVE THREE DEGREES? I am like super smart and I am going to be a doctor so why was she so mean?

My personal thoughts on our nation's drug laws aside...

a. Wait...doctors are usually smart, aren't they?
b. Last time I checked there wasn't a Florida Penal Code For People With Learnin and a Florida Penal Code For Everyone Else.

ETA: Looking at User Info, Obvious Troll is Obvious.

ETA2(a): I may be wrong about troll. Apparently she's real. I read abortion and law questions + 4 non viewable posts + less than one month old journal as sock troll. Perhaps I was wrong.

ETA2(b): Buuuuuuuurn
  • mengus

Oh b_h, you so crazy.

demure, one of the community moderators, makes a post to brutal_honesty and fellow moderatoravatar cries not_brutal!.

For at least the last two years, avatar has been on a mission to police the comments in brutal_honesty. Mostly an absentee landlord, avatar will not even so much as look at the community for up to three months at a time. Some time in 2006, old Tony Toni Tone instituted a "stop being an asshole" policy in which he began arbitrarily screening comments, warning users for being 'too meen!'. and banning people against an undefined, non-existent rubric of what the community members love to call the No Asshole Rule.

avatar finally relents to constant complaints and co-mod pressure about the willy-nilly screening in Oct of last year.

But our boy is not done with the arbitrary enforcement of the hated No Asshole Rule when he warns one of the most popular members of the community for teasing him. He then brings down the Anti-Asshole Banhammer of Great Justice when yesca posts a macro, teasing him further.


Even the other mods are perplexed and outraged.

Former b_h mods sdx and lady_alyria weigh-in

Oh avatar, you are well on your way to supplanting opalcat as livejournal's worst mod. You just don't have the publicity that she does.
1939 world's fair

You wanna be on top?

A post is made in the topmodel community about the most recent episodes photoshoot, which involved clothing made from beef.  The general feeling is that beef underwear is pretty wasteful, and kind of gross.
saui decides to take it up a notch, "I disagree with your first point tho, meat is not for eating. If it was then people would not find it gross. True meat eaters have no issues with dead bodies, even rotting gushing blood, organs everywhere, they eat it, they will wear it, and roll in it and ENJOY it." 
Her opinion is shared by 27ruedefleurus who adds that, "if human beings were designed to at meat
the smell of blood would turn us on" (link)

One more bonus comment, about what should have been done with the used meat clothing, "
They should have washed it, cooked it afterwards, and given it to the homeless people who featured in the earlier photoshoot"