March 1st, 2008

BoB- Winters & Guarnere

It's a conspiracy!

Over here in the wonderful place that is ohnotheydidnt, we are confronted with the fact that recent Oscar winner Marion Cotillard questions the truth behind 9/11. After approximately 14 seconds, the shit storm begins.

We start with a bit of "Question authority to me, baby. So hot." Followed by "Guys, have you never seen Loose Change? Duh." Nuh-uh! Popular Mechanics report, biotch.

This is capped with "Uh, you weren't there and therefore you know NOTHING! I've smelled the sweet smell of napalm charred bodies. 10+ points to me."

And there's "Dude, I know nothing about the moon landing but I think that was a total conspiracy. Because weren't things a little tense with the russians then?" What, 1960s? Nah, everything was completely peachy! Tea parties and little crustless sandwiches with cucumber.

And I have no idea about this one.
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