February 28th, 2008

Wow, I'm Completely Apalled.

Over in booju_newju, a post is made by nouvelle_vie about the couple that left their 5-month infant in a car seat for 8 days, where it eventually starved to death. Read the article, folks. It was screaming and such and they did nothing to feed it, change its diaper, anything. The 'parents', if they can be called that, are up for 1st-degree murder.

nouvelle_vie asks whether or not the 'parents' should ever regain custody of their 3-year-old daughter, who has now been taken away from them by your ever-friendly CPS. This is not the stupid; her tildes and asterisks point towards sarcasm.

owlsarentaholes doesn't think it's sarcasm, though. She believes the 'parents' should receive some sort of counseling and then supervised visitation. After all, they might be fixable. After all, they didn't cause direct harm to the 3-year-old daughter. Besides, they're probably video game addicts and we should feel sorry for them.

Anything else I say would be very Grudgy McGrudgerson. Let's just say I disagree with her and think this is prime apalling stupid.

- For the morbidly curious, pictures of the two perps are located in this news article.
- For those who want to know the real skinny, check the prosecution's statement to the court as brought by bajingo. Fair warning; it is rage-inducing.
kitty, calico

Wait, you were insulting me on a comm meant for insulting people? HAVE AT YOU.

It's a bad_rpers_suck fail this time.

It starts with one of the many sockpuppet accounts, youarethesox, who posts a short rant about a mod who only wanted to run a MU* to get off with their SO. They follow the rules of "no names", but then evie_rose (sadly baleeted, we over at BRPS are wondering if the LJ was created only for this argument) jumps in and tries to defend herself. Supposedly, youarethesox starts deleting comments on their entry. So what does any good grudgewanker do?

Why, go make their own post to draw more attention! HAI U GAIZ, PLZ TO BE TAKING MY SIDE ON THIS ARGUMENT!

The population of BRPS, in return, does not even fucking care.

Sadly, as noted by onyx_noir, we were flounceless.

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