February 25th, 2008

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Worst flame war topic ever

More from ONTD... I know, it's like shooting a retarded duck that's been duct-taped to the end of the shotgun, but it's still so fun to wander into stuff like this.

So crazychica0007 reposted an article written by Sean Nelson over on MSN's website, about the the movies that won Oscars that should not have. Some lively and interesting debate occurs, but then someone comments that "Titanic deserved every Oscar it got." There are a few "IAWTC" (and why not, I'm sure that ONTD has a few members over the age of 20 who can remember sobbing their pubescent hearts out as Jack slipped into the icy water and Rose was left alone), but then controversy erupts!

714daze: lol no it did not. it was fucking horrible! More idiocy abounds, but I can't decide who's trying harder to be an ass, 714daze or aboutbefore.

I'm sure there's more potential lulz to be found, I just don't have the time to search for them all since there's six frigging pages on this one post.

Edited for my asshattery with HTML. Carry on, nothing to see here...
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Another from badmakeup. leele_christ gets mocked by delcatti and decides to return the favor. She posts one of the worst grudgewank posts I've dealt with in that community.

The problem? delcatti's makeup doesn't suck at all and is actually pretty damn cute, so there's really nothing to mock in the photo, which makes it painfully obvious that it's a grudge even if you don't bother reading what leele_christ says about it.

delcatti leaves a comment with the photo she'd mocked and what she'd said about it, members laugh and agree. The post explodes with people telling Leele she's an idiot and indeed has awful makeup.

Leele proceeds to make herself look like an even bigger idiot by not being able to comprehend the difficult task of replying to a comment instead of spamming her own post by making new comments. "Reply to this" ≠ "Post a new comment" Unless she's actually trying to make herself look cooler by having more comments? Because that's totally what you want when people are mocking the shit out of you.

So now her apparent sockpuppet best friend seems to think the community will be on her side for a grudge as well, but fails just as hard because her own scenester makeup is still way worse.

They're juggalettes AND Jeffree Star fans. That's an odd combination, but explains the makeup.

Those whacky global warming nuts!

So justogo posts a Youtube clip of Penn and Teller's show to demonstrate how stupid the supporters of global warming are.

The clip asks people to sign a petition to ban dihydrogen monoxide, which is simply water vapor. Of course when I pointed out that Penn Jillette is a member of the CATO Institute (a libertarian think-tank which gets a lot of funding from the oil industry), along with a few links to a website that challenges quite a few of the tactics in this episode, writerspleasure claims

"almost every government entity, almost every media outfit, almost university - also has a conflict of interest..." concerning global warming. "in short, it's okay for "logical science" and other left-wings orgs to be biased, since big business isn't funding them. talk about marxist dronethink. pure homo economicus fallacy. they also regularly disclose their leftist agendae, funded and supported by government and educational (and some private foundational) interests.

Then he gets all fancy trying to pull the ole "tu quoque" logical fallacy on me. Please feel free to leave comments on my post there if you feel like adding your two cents worth (I don't believe you have to be a member there to leave comments).