January 28th, 2008

Chrispina strikes again.

In booju_newju, alpha_noob makes a post saying how her goddaughter got lost at a daycamp over winter break. (There's more to the story, but you can read it yourself.)

chrispina gives her (idiotic) two cents.

a 5 year old doesn't lose herself... the adults lost her.

Well, alrighty then. I'll go tell my mother that it's her fault I was a dumbass as a kid and wandered away from her to look at the toys in Wal-Mart, while she was in the grocery section.
power to the peaceful

Minor piercing stupid

It’s minor stupid and no one has really yelled at her yet… but this drives me craaaaaaaaazy, so I thought I’d share.

Over in pray, dearalexa

Asks for advice about re-doing her belly button through scar tissue. Apparently she had to take it out because she was too young… but now at the ripe ol’ age of 15, she’s ready for it again! Also, she can’t be bothered to look up the name of a piercing before asking the community for advice on how much it’ll hurt. Research? What’s that?

Plus when I looked at it I thought it was someone being witty and making fun of all the cliche stupid piercing posts of people who can't look into the memories...but sad days, she's serious!
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