January 26th, 2008

Aretha Marvin Snape

Wow.....a stupid NOT dealing with tits, kids, race, or tips!

rivalgraphix makes an unlocked post in customers_suck about an eBay transaction gone bad. The details aren't important.

The stupid is, not only did this person post a shit ton of screenshots without a cut (lame snark, I know), but the shots included OP's e-mail address and eBay name, buyer's e-mail address and eBay name, AND the OP's threat (in an e-mail th the buyer) to "dedicate an entire website" to said buyer. Because leaving bad feedback isn't enough, a smear campaign against the person MUST commence!

Edit: The caps have been edited to leave out the personal information. rivalgraphix also fixed the cut since he/she wasn't aware that posts don't cut themselves.

It's on geocities since I'm too lazy to make actual screencaps, and I'm sure I missed a lot of comments between last night and this morning, but, here ya go.