January 25th, 2008

Give a dog a home

Oh, kharmii.

Give a dog a home

And we have race wank.

taco_in_yo_mama enjoys posting racist questions.

How many mexicans can fit in one housing unit (450 sq ft)?

How do mexicans make the best-tasting food?

And the one that has pretty much sealed the deal: Where would you hide a black person's food stamps?

People are up in arms on both sides of the fence. Some people are replying with other racially stereotyped answers, while others are up in arms and flagging the post as hate speech and calling up LJ Abuse.

Meta happens.

Then butthurt meta occurs, with taco_in_yo_mama trying to get the above metapost flagged as hatespeech as well.

taco_in_yo_mama deletes.


ETA: Sorry, stickangel and a few others think this post is full of fail, but think I'm not getting fail macro-ed for some reason or another. So make sure you fail macro nice and hard, okay? Just to make stickangel happy.
Dog Icons - Boston Terrier

It's my ball and I'm taking it home!

neongreengeisha makes a post in fuckyoulist saying that she is sick of people talking about Heath Ledger's death and their boyfriends. A few people comment that she must not be getting laid, so she decides to make another post. The post states she wasn't getting respect and respect is a human right. After people point out that respect is not a right on the internet, she deletes all the comments and also disables them.