January 18th, 2008


Flounce is always stupid.

If you've already seen the Freezer Flounce snark, feel free to move along. Apparently this was already in every other iteration of snark community but this one. I'm a completionist, what can I say? Sharing is caring.

twilatee wants to tell you some tl;dr about her FRIGGIN' FREEZER MEALS. OBEY. Not stupid in and of itself. Just a poorly-written post about freezer food and a whole lot of ellipses. Ninety-six percent of Livejournal readers move on without reading it. An unfortunate handful of people don't subscribe to her freezer meal religion and say so. Some have even heard of this concept of freezing food before.

Here is where the stupid is. --> This, of course, justifies this OMG FRICKIN FLOUNCE FROM HELL. Remember that time someone said something mean that made someone sad? Yeah, this new sport of SNARK has to stop. <-- Here is where the stupid is.

Check it out before there's Serious Mod Interference.
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  • amyura

Yeah......I got nothing.....

Okay, so the real crunchy-nazi Eljay Mommies preach delaying solids until, I dunno, a year. The fairly crunchy, such as myself, are usually in favor of waiting until six months for the risk of open gut to go away. The mainstream medical establishment and mainstream parenting sites and publications generally echo this OR advocate starting a baby on solids any time between four to six months. This usually makes for lots of drama and wank every week on parenting101.

And then we have juberi2005, who started her baby on cereal before six weeks (the post is a bit vague), and at three months has him on fruits, veggies and juice in addition to the cereal. Even after reading countless places that babies shouldn't get solids until 4-6 months.

Not too much drama yet, but give it time, give it time......
sammy is a bitchface sometimes...i&#39;m a b
  • tynyx

Because free newspaper = more educated

Minor and mildy boring stupid but I'm in a pissy mood and this just furthered my grouchiness.

awkwardashley thinks that New Yorkers are more educated because they get free newspapers on every street corner in the morning.


Cause that doesn't happen anywhere else in the world.

I also can't fathom how reading a free news paper means you are more educated...if people read them at all...I just toss the ones I get coming off of the skytrain in the recycling bin.

I don't remember being so naive when I was 19...this honestly made my brain hurt