January 5th, 2008


Revenge of the Swamp Monster

Over in badmakeup, braaaains82 posts a picture of some random gal she doesn't like. To be fair, the girl in the picture looks pretty ridiculous- pink x's drawn over her face and misc. "scars" drawn on her chest. However, what could have been a reasonable post is wanked up by the addition of the OP's picture for comparision (and compliment fishing), real-life drama that, ostensibly, none of us care about, and a total lack of capital letters.

Furthermore, it has been pointed out that the OP and the chick being mocked are done up in virtually the same style- there's even a handy comparison list.

No major wankage, but an excuse to mock over-inflated egos and overly made-up faces. :)

EDIT: Edited to clarify the "they look alike" bit.
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Too Easy, right?

I couldn't NOT post this, so here goes. You only live once.

...aegion strikes again! (The majority believes that HD-DVD is fucked, anyway, so that's not the issue.)

I remember a year ago in this community when I would state Blu-Ray had won the format war and a few HD-DVD fans would try and argue with me about it.

Total disregard for the fact that a year ago, there were no defining moments such as this. It degenerates into the predictable Sony-fanboyism.

It makes me happy too and I don't even own a PS3. But I want PS3 to win over 360 just because everyone here in the states got a 360 first and it seemed like everyone was bashing PS3. I like for the underdog to win!

It's looking more and more like Xbox 360 is going the way of the Dreamcast. Woohoo! Can you imagine all those people who bought the HD-DVD player add on for their 360s. They must really regret that now. Lol!

ALSO, she's apparently the tech expert. Despite getting owned. Repeatedly.

EDIT: and she's arrived! Took her long enough.

Yeah get the mods attention. I'm actually on fairly good terms with Sayonara_snot believe it or not, so maybe the prize I get will be for her to ban [xvfui].

Call me naive, but I'm calling her on it.
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