January 4th, 2008

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(no subject)

mash_is_sham posts in customers_suck to whine about the BK commercials in which the employees (or comedians, apparently) told customers that the Whopper is gone.

mash_is_sham: Someone could have really gotten in trouble and if they called corporate, they could have gotten fired. It's not really funny.

Everyone: Huh? The commercial was made by corporate.

mash_is_sham: No, not by Burger King. They could call corporate and get the whole company in trouble for lying because it's bad bussiness. It's not fair to the employee if the customer calls the corporate bureau.

Nobody gets it. mash_is_sham replies, again: I meant that they could call corporate and get the employee in trouble for lying, not the company. BK was what the commercial was for."