January 3rd, 2008

It was a bright and sunny (if cold) day when...

Over in stupid_free, mylaptopisevil makes a post about lying when donating blood. All is going well. But wait! frivolous0491 has a problem
Oh Noes! But don't worry; he's here to help! With:


How the military runs!

And a couple of bonus miscellaneous jerkiness(es)?.

I humbly bow to that there's probably a whole lot more in the thread, but I just can't read through it all.

EDIT: Okay, moved
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boxy noel

ONTD stars in: Zac Efron is a pothead!

Except not really, because it's just a picture of some kid with a bong who doesn't really look anything like him. However, it does give all of ONTD a perfect excuse to share their expert opinions on marijuana usage.

insideand_out gets this party started: w/e everyone should smoke weed

And s/he does mean everyone. Even people who don't want to. They're just close-minded!

Why wouldn't they want to try pot? It can end all the wars in the world, after all.

Possibly the best argument for why pot is awesome comes from rumpunch13, whose best friend just tried pot for the first time and wuz eating all these crackers and stuff like lol it was so ttly amazin

Crackers? Sign me the fuck up!

On the other side on the fence, mattel_recall wants you to know that crack, pot, "heroine," and LSD are all the same. I mean, they're all illegal, right?

aquanite isn't a big fan of the wacky weed either, but, being a furry, his/her opinion on everything is automatically null and void.