December 31st, 2007


Pearls of wisdom from male_dom

Did you know that divorce is the leading cause of murderous rampages in children? It's true! puddysma has the anecdata to prove it!

She's also intimately familiar with asbergers.

Bonus comment stupid: Single parent families are bad for the environment. And if you're ever gonna get divorced, go get fixed because you're not a good parent!

I need a *facepalm* icon - for both her post, and her obnoxious use of S/slashies and random "kinky" capitalization.
Scully - You've got to be kidding me

And we've got breastfeeding wank!

Mommy sucks for looking for a private place to breastfeed. Which, I can sort of understand how using a fitting room to breastfeed when it's busy isn't exactly the greatest thing in the world, but with a broken door that can't be used anyway, not a big deal. And I can't blame the woman for getting shirty with the OP when she suggests she goes and feeds in the bathroom.

But the real stupid shines in the comments.

You are lucky you let her nurse or else you would have made the Boobie Nazi hit list. You don't want those crazy bitches out to get you.

If babies are fussy they shouldn't be taken out in public! Also, it is my right to never be inconvenienced and it is extremely presumptuous for someone to want me to see their child sucking on their boob!

Breastfeed in the car or use a bottle!

(also, further in that one, she claims that if a kid doesn't like being covered and pulls off the blanket, you have an inability to control them)

And in...just about every single comment she makes, wizba whines "but my sister was able to keep a towel over her baby and could schedule exactly when the baby wanted to eat, why can't anyone else?"

She also seems to imply that only newborns/infants breastfeed with her "if your baby is THAT little that it MUST be breast fed" line in the actual post itself.

Unlocked at time of post, all that good stuff.
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