December 30th, 2007

Its about time for a muthafuckin RABBIT

Fuck it, I'll do it.

This is shaping up to be a good one.

lifesaboxofstds comes into parenting101 with a vicious race/class personal journal bullshit (it appears to have been edited) and proceeds to get cut the fuck down.

Fast forward a little while to MEGA FLOUNCE!(tm)

This is early on, but has decent potential.

I don't feel like going out and highlighting threads, but hey, Saturday night wank is Saturday night wank.

EDIT: WHOOPS, THE FIRST ENTRY IS LOCKED. Sorry, guyz. The second one is unlocked at the time of this edit.

Edited again: Apparently I missed some things! This girl has been busy!

It's okay to steal because I'm paying so much anyway!

Over in that barrel of fish known as customers_suck, gtburns expresses her reasonable frustration with someone who attempted to scam the college eatery at which she worked. In her frustration, gtburns admonishes the sucky customer by informing them that she has a work ethic, a concept with which the sucky one is clearly unfamiliar.

Wank begins straight out of the gate, however when shananagems declares the sucky customer to be in the right, because "I paid more than 25k/year for school, $50 Subway bucks was bullshit when the caf food was horrible. *pent up agression*"

Amusement ensues.