December 28th, 2007

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Isn't it enough just to say it's vaginapagina? No?

Well, thisisnotmylj who's been off heroin a whole two months posts to say that while she's used to waking up next to random strangers now she's met the love of her life and she "wants to have his child".

Everyone says it's a bad idea, but she knows better! She even promised her mother she'd start taking birth control, but she can't start taking them til after her next period so "until then we are having unprotected sex and he cums inside me and what I want to know is... what is the chance that I will get pregnant." They've been at it a whole two or three days.

Wank is just warming up by VP standards. Squisheroo tells her it's sooo hard to tell her what her chances are

Indigodye is the first to catch on to the fact that she's been on heroin. I'm sure she figured it out somehow.

Apparently saying "my comment ends here" is "disempowering" and implicitly judgmental (which is bad when former heroin users are TTC).
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