December 27th, 2007

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America #1, woo!

winterreverie makes a post in ohnotheydidnt about the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. most normal people are upset by the news and offer condolences, but this is ONTD - homebrewed batshit takes center stage.

west23rdstreet uses her death as an example of why the US can't give up the war! she points out that electing a Democrat = a war loss because, I quote, "Democrats don't win wars. They never have."

also, THIS IS NOT GOSSIP AND I WILL WRITE A PARAGRAPH TELLING YOU HOW THIS IS NOT GOSSIP. seriously, Jessica Lynch is more of a celeb than whoever this is.

this one's pissing me off, but it's got the potential to be a goldmine of stupid.

EDIT: hooray for a repost!

Hold up, wait a minute

(wow, this is week old stupid)
I bet sillyjilli_bean is awesome at teaching anti-racism pro-reconciliation classes. Especially when she says stuff like "being open and accepting of views is a two way street" and "she should be respectful of this tradition but you should be respectful of her opinion also", which sound all fine and tolerant but are in actuality full of FAIL. Why?
bueller258 asks weddingplans what they think of the money dance. spandrelina thinks they're the tackiest thing she's ever heard of. Unfortunately, the money dance, or redovy, is an important part of dativesingular's background, and she doesn't take kindly to it being compared to whoring out your wife. Here's where sillyjilli_bean gets busy, claiming that "we should STFU and let people say whatever they want about our heritage and traditions because they don't know any better", because "by giving harsh comments you're just going to make that commenter hate the tradition more"

"It involves money, so it's ok to openly trash something that is a normal, accepted part of how "my people" celebrate?"- fasterpssycat
"If it makes you angry then don't read the comments about Money Dances."- sillybilly_jean

Splittin' hairs


nohopetobefound     is so sick of ppl with shity hair!!!!! and she must let the denizens of madradhair  know!


not to be a bitch but a lot of people in this community have really really bad hair
*ps not trying to say im better than anyone else< I just think people should start to take more pride in themselves and think before they do something that will kill their hair, or that will simply just make them not look good at all with bad cuts and colors

But she's a hairdresser, ya'll!

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