December 25th, 2007


That's gold Jerry, GOLD!

A little Christmas present for s_f, courtesy of melleecat.

Remember this post? Well, our suspicious grandma finally made her way over to s_f!

She's having all sorts of fun pointing out out what a victim her son is, and bitching about being crucified (lulz!), over and over. But she's not overbearing, folks!

It's all very liberally sprinkled with "He's NOT a momma's boy!" comments. Methinks she doth protest too much!

.... she's still going, by the way.

A Stupid_Free Christmas

Over in stupid_free, naroclie takes a break from fapping to Hentai to tell us about a series of posts in Zetatoys, remarking "Sadly, he's not a troll as he's been around the furry fandom for ages." This is despite the fact that a few seconds on google would reveal yoshiprower to be an 18 year old girl who enjoys tormenting the lifestyle choices of furries.

Later, Zetatoys customer __roflcopter defends the right of furries to Animal Love in a NAMBLA-esque fashion. A charming effort, __roflcopter, but don't think that absolves you of your participation in an Livejournal troll ring. No scritches when you run with bitches.

edit1: icecreamempress AND komikbookgeek AND pocketthesaurus just don't get it.