December 24th, 2007


Nothing Says Christmas Eve Like Good Ol' Fashioned Race Wank

made by <lj user="boxofdoomage">

Bestiality, scat, the works.

yoshiprower tells us "When I use dildos on my dog's ass, he gets sick and throws up because I don't bother to wash them after I stick them up my own."

kappyjeanne remarks that sex toys have to be taken care of. (DUH) yoshiprower responds with "So if they aren't taken care of, the person deserves to get sick?"

When he finds out he needs to buy a new one, he responds with "I guess I can bug my parents for some money. I don't even have money to buy my lover a Christmas gift." Note: his lover is his DOG.

Sadly, he's not a troll as he's been around the furry fandom for ages.

ETA: Upon "researching" a little more I think it's possible that it is a troll. However, if so, this troll is so well established in the furry/drama-dom that that in and of itself seems pretty stupid.
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