December 23rd, 2007

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Hey food_porn, I want to make a vegetarian cookbook. Tell me how!!

And when people respond to the question as asked (Some with a dash of sarcasm and a pinch of mockery) he gets bitchy.

Wait, what is with these un-helpful answers?!?! Cleary I just need to stop thinking people can read between the lines like me or are just not that smart.

*Editing to add the original post in case he does decide to help out us stupid folk by editing his.*

"I've googled and searched.

I need basic information on how to make a vegetarian cookbook. I keep getting weird websites. Any help would be great. "
Acts of stupidity

Tell me what I want to hear, internets!

Over in pregnant scaredandafraid wants to community to decide whether or not she should have an abortion. Most of the community responds fairly well despite the stupidity of asking the internet to make such a huge decision for you. Still, this isn't good enough for bumblebaby. Apparently we are all judgmental and rude and shouldn't be having babies (edit: awww damn, comment screened)! Still, she's a total sweetheart who is going to send some long distance Reiki to the OP!

Not satisfied to just leave it there, bumblebaby posts a whinge-cum-flounce reminding us all to only tell people EXACTLY what they want to hear. Because we aren't doing just that we are apparently driving these poor women to SUICIDE.

Edit: ooo she deleted her journal.

Edit: the screened comment courtesy of inuifindproof:

Everyone's comments on here are so rude I can't even continue reading them! I am so sorry about your confusion right now. Someone told me to have an abortion too (I am not with the father) but I made the decision not to and cut off ties with people who weren't supportive.

Can I send you distance reiki? (it is a form of healing)

It is just a way to send loving energy to someone / kinda like a long distance hug. I am a certified practitioner and have been doing it for two years.

As far as everyone's arrogant comments on here...obviously if they are so judgemental and rude then maybe they shouldn't be having babies either. (and I hope they all read this!) I think it is especially rude that all the "monitors" of these pregnancy websites say the most rude and cruel comments of all! They should be banned from having communities. I already stopped one community because of the monitor being so god-damn rude and now I am considering dropping this one too. Not sure what the power-trip is all about?

Edit: A screenshot of the flounce. Thanks syn_abounds!
Many screencaps courtesy of sell_mysoul
...and last but not least, crassy & intothesea provide one link/screencap for all the comments in the flounce post.

Edit: the troll from the original post joins the party.
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That whole 40 weeks thing is a conspiracy

From the most awesome Maury Povich paternity test question on thequestionclub. The entire situation is full of stupid, but this comment is my favorite:

"He saw her in February that year. Married her the first week of April, the baby was born 8 months later,in December. I just think it takes longer than that to carry a baby."
- melleecat

Eleven months is not enough time to gestate a human child. Apparently. (ETA: Her precious child would never have sex out of wedlock, either.)