December 20th, 2007

Hippy Brewhexe

Gentlemen, please!

livejournal_uk has had a troll for a while. bucue has been offensive, rude, and bloody annoying for several months, and most people think he is a sockpuppet of the sex mad blueeyed_one. Anyway, bucue finally leaves, stating that his posts were a 'soshul experiment'. This is greeted with relief from most members.

Enter nojness. He is a regular poster on LJ_UK, but hasn't been around recently, basically because he has been a very naughty boy in thriftstoreuk. You see, nojness agreed to trade several items, and sell a few others on, then didn't do so. He stated that there were problems at the post office and he was trying to get things sorted, but these items were supposed to have been sent a month ago, and he has only just got round to getting them sent*, despite several irate messages being left on his personal LJ. Bonus points for wishing AIDS and catshit presents on the person he let down most of all.

Anyway, as I said, he has been laying low for a couple of weeks, so missed the post where bucue finally pissed off, and wonders where he is. The interesting part of the post is where he asks for suggestions on how to get out of his works Christmas do tonight, and several suggestions are made, including letting the TSUK members know he is around so they can kneecap him. Several TSUK members are lolling about him saying he left the comm, when he was quite clearly banned. The confusion arose as he was banned from the original site but not from the feedback site. He has now left the feedback site, which will make the members feel all warm inside when his stuff still doesn't turn up.

Enter charleycrash, who doesn't like nojness at all, oh no. And nojness doesn't like charleycrash either. We have name calling, pointless comments, and righteous indignation. A veritable smorgasboard of wank and stupidity.

ETA The maintainer of thriftstoreuk has joined the party over at livejournal_uk.

Daughter of ETA - she isn't actually talking about nojness, but everyone thinks she is, including nojness

*ETA Vol II - the post on tsuk_feedback seems to have been deleted, which is a shame. However, there is a post alluding to it here.

ETA Vol III - the star of the show has joined us here.. I suspect a little bird told him.

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twilight_amoeba makes a typical childfree post about how parents should take more responsibility for their children. All well and good.

And then her train of thought derails, takes a left turn onto WTF St., falls into Oh No You Didn't Canyon, and explodes in a burning ball of epic fail.

I refuse to give money to Africa for food. It's nothing against them, but they are starving, yet they continue to produce child after child, without the means to support them.
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