December 19th, 2007

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demented_21's comment is the best.

I'm just throwing this up because I'm bored, even though it's ONTD and it's - what - the third blame the victim wank this week? Enjoy, anyway.

sparkey_sparks thinks there's something fishy about the alleged rape of a young woman at a Manchester United party:

"in all seriousness though, i highly doubt any of the United players, or ANY football player for that matter who is just SLIGHTLY famous [and let's face it, in England and especially Manchester, even the reserve players are stars], needs to rape a woman to get it on.
i hate attention whores.
no, he wasn't gonna marry you and live with you happily ever after.
yes, you were most likely one of many one night stands.
get over yourself."

She has since edited it to something apologetic, but the wank continues unabashed! sparkey_sparks can't understand why. After all, "people who say they have been raped by someone famous most of the time are in it for the money and attention and we all know that".

WE ALL KNOW THAT, right ladies? Riiiight?

ETA: She's edited the entry again, because now she feels sick. It's just that her way of expressing herself is extreme! If we knew her we'd understand! I know when my friends victim-blame I'm totally alright with it.

ETA 2: Okay, sparkey_sparks has been outdone for stupid by condimentsrock in this comment: "ummm
so youre a knockout babe
you go to a freakin party for famous footballers
.....and youre not lookin to snag one of them? meh.
maybe the girl was snagged by the ugly member. sux."

ETA 3: Aww, deleted. I think she was scared of death threats.

Jamie-Lynn is pregnant, y'all!!!

i love how she thinks shes SO RESPONSIBLE by keeping the baby me this what southern people are like? is this normal? im so glad i was raised in nyc

Thank you ONTD for embarrassing me with dumbasses like this... and thank you ilikeandrewbird for providing proof that ignorance thrives everywhere in the US, not just the south.

And then once she realized how stupid her question was, some backpedaling!