December 18th, 2007

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Mini-stupid: and just what exactly does 'acting black' mean (100% troll free, I checked)

Over in ONTD a post about an alleged kiss between Zac Efron and Lil Wayne non troll user omer felt the need to say:

all the white people in this thread trying to act all black should die. now.

While he leaves and re-apprears a few times sporatically, the stupid is immediately picked up by underworld, right after samsullivan takes offense and asks exactly how one 'acts black'

yeah we can get into the politicalness of it if you want but whether you like it or not, GENERALLY speaking black people act different than white people. even they'd tell you that. so go shove your pseudointellectual connotations on racial equality up someone else's ass.

fatpeopleeatme tries, and fails, to start more fires with a 'white people acting black in general should die.' while omer has a mini-spat.

I'm suprised this didn't catch fire, but I'm also sort of glad it didn't.

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....never mind the fact I'm not a mod, STILL DON'T POST HERE UNLESS IT MEETS MY CRITERIA! I want originality from my shitty customer stories! And if people treat you like shit, it's because you have a shitty job! If you're going to post here, you better have an UPSTANDING job that meets my satisfaction.

BTW, bwahhh means crying! SRSLY GUYS!

UPDATE: My troll powers, let me show you them! Not-Worksafe:

UPDATE 2: He'll show you to mock his crappy porn and trolling skills! Mass comment deletion.

Last Update?: He failed to see that 4chan is not your personal army and posts 2 & 3 are deleted. Expecting flounce soon.
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A Flounce - One Helluva Flounce

On evilcustomers, bigbakaboon states; "Hope you like samus. Ps. at least my html spelling is correct. fags." and posts tons of Samus porn. This is then proceeded by other posters returning like favors. This post probably due to a proceeding post, also started by bigbakaboon where he/she/stupid states with bravado; "This community was great when i worked at a public library for 6 years, and i ranted about how senior citizens didn't understand the concept of "Double Clicking." That shit was good enough to post about. ... t's not a surprise that people treat you like shit, because you work at a shitty job." He/She/Stupid then goes further by saying, as if they were doing some wonderfully divine service to us all in the interwebs; "And i've looked up 4 fucking words in this rant, to make sure i'm spelling them correctly. Because it's a courtesy to YOU the reader, that i write in proper fucking english."

This being said, apparently typing the word as "English" instead of "english" was too much of an effort for this ex-librarian.