December 17th, 2007

because if you steal your dad's car and joyride you deserve to die

news story: According to state highway patrol reports, at approximately 1:45 p.m.last Halloween, 15 minutes after taking her father's Porsche 911 for adrive without permission, Nikki Catsouras was traveling 100 mph onState Route 241, near Lake Forest, Calif., when she clipped another carand lost control, slamming into a concrete tollbooth, killing herinstantly.

well over in omg_too_soon someone posted a macro about it...big whoop, that's what that commmunity does. but now we've got a bunch of winners who believe that's what she deserved.

penultimateokgo said Is it mean for me to say that she deserved it? yeah it's a horribletragedy, but taking your fathers Porsche and speeding like a crazyperson around, you're asking to get fucked up.

yeah, that whole community is tasteless, but who the hell says that? and we've got the whole community sharing that person's opinion.

warning: POST HAS A VERY GRAPHIC PICTURE. original post
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Over in ohnotheydidnt (fish/barrel, I know), a story is posted about a girl who is accusing some guy who owns a club and has a reality show of raping her. Details include the guy giving her free drinks.

Cue comments about feeling no remorse for the cumdumpster because she asked for it. Because "Sure, I'll drink as much of this alcohol as you give me" is synonymous with "I guess I could get drunk enough to fuck you".