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December 15th, 2007

this could get interesting

pixiestarr posted a good suck - she got less than a 3% tip on a large check, but she had to add a really stupid last line.

Since most of these situations are centered around black people, please please explain to me how you are ok with leaving minimal or nothing for a tip when everything was ok? I wont treat you any differently although I have a lot of reason to - I just want to undersrand.

Oh, dear.

The tip wank alone would have been bad enough, but she had to bring up race right at the end. Not cool.

Shall we get the popcorn started?

It's not bigotry, it's poetry!

In the candid photo community everyday_people, lather2002 posts an unremarkable post-car-crash shot with a caption in fractured Ebonics.

The general reaction is unfavorable. Our photographer not only hauls out the "I hate racists" and "PC" responses, but claims actual T.S. Eliot-quality poetic license!

I have hopes for this thread.
librarysex posts at c_s about a mother and her daughters making an exchange. The girls wanted a pair of capris . . . which apparently, to the mom, means they're huge sluts. And then one of them gets a slap because she's such a whore. A big slice of WTF? pie.

crazy_daughter chimes in with: Calling her names was harsh, but slapping her was perfectly fine.

I mean, didn't your parents hit you and call you a whore when you wanted a pair of capris? Doesn't everyone get violent when they're angry?

ETA: Context. Durr.
Son of ETA: Nyquil not only puts you into a wonderful stupor for the rest of the week day, it also gives you a first class ticket on the Failboat. Trufax.

More ONTD trolling:

ayumi_mexico is much more trolltastic than I've seen in quite awhile, let's look at the gold in their thread about M.I.A.:

Sorry! But this girl will never be Caucasian no matter how hard she tries. Look at that lol, blonde hair, bleached skin..everything. Wow this girl can lighten her skin all she wants but she will always be brown. And no matter how white she gets she will still be ugly! R.I.P.

more 'Highlights':

'She looks too light in that picture to be from sri lanka.'

'Ayumi is proud of her race. At least she doesn't illegally immigrate into this country. She stays in her own country, she sings in her own language.' -(when people come and attack Ayumi about wanting to be caucasian)

And now, back to my Sweeney Todd OST.



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