December 13th, 2007


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Over in conservatism there's a post about Huckabee's recent attack on Romney's Mormonism. Pretty standard garden-variety shallow internet political analysis follows.

Someone brings up Huckabee's 1992 proposal to quarantine AIDS victims. ladylynx is surprised that everyone reacts with shock and horror. montanaisaleg explains that the problem is quarantines aren't effective or necessary with AIDS. ladylynx spruces up her idea of a quarantine by offering tropical mixed drinks to the inmates.

Not so stupid, in the long run. But then joshua_2415 defends the AIDS quarantine by saying, "It's not because of the disease. . . It is because of a choice they made that they would be quarantined." Furthermore, we are told, AIDS is "100% avoidable by its victims".


EDIT: Is it really impossible for y'all to refrain from going over there and making asses of yourselves? If you insist on doing so, I'm going to put you all in a concentration camp prison sanitarium involuntary daiquiri confinement centre.

EDIT: "they could all buttfuck with no consequences on the rest of society!"