December 12th, 2007

summer ninae

Attention Whore Upset When Her Attention Whore Character is Ignored... Bwhat?

Over in bad_rpers_suck, skiptracers is hurt -- HURT I SAY!

"My heavily pregnant girl stumbles and falls to her knees and all of you other 'nice people' in the thread ignore her and do nothing to help her up.

Good job at playing your nice, good characters correctly. /sarcasm"

Huh? No, seriously. HUH? One of her pretend characters is pretend pregnant and some other pretend characters ignored her pretend pregnant fall in a pretend situation and she is RL upset? Is that what is happening here?


Unlocked at time of posting.

EDIT1: Okay, I kind of fail but it's still funny!


Right now, on The Morning Fern Jarvis. She's a british babe who longs to become a model. I know what you're thinking, it gets worse.

She admits to starving herself and limiting calories for guess what.....BEER. "If I limit my calories during the week, I can drink 6lb of beer if I wanted to, you know what I mean?"

Sure! Cause that's the thing to do...Starve yourself so your body has nothing but your LIVER to absorb all that beer goodness. I hope she shows up to an audition drunk and Janice Dickenson tells her she's fat.

Moving said post to sf_drama.