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December 11th, 2007


Over in ONTD, there is a post about Gabrielle Union complaining about how her new holiday movie is only being marketed to 'urban' markets. While some agree with her and so disagree with her, let's see what bob80 thinks:

Well then I hope she refuses to cash any checks she may receive in the future for residuals, etc. because she doesn't like how the film was marketed. But I'm betting her bitching ass will cash any check they send her. So fuck her.

sunoftheskye quickly hands him his ass, but he still persists.
atomicsparkle is a gal who works at video game store. Naturally, she gets a lot of unwanted attention from male gamers. One of whom has taken to following her around while she's at work, as well as when she is on break. Today he gave her a rose, a wink, and his phone number.

Most commenters are worried that he could escalate into hard core stalking.

Not silverstorm2013. I know you don't like it when guys hit on you at work, and he's totally making you uncomfortable by following you around BUT you should totally give him a chance! In Gamer-geekdom, he's being really slick and romantic! Plus it'd be a great story to tell the kids!

Even if he is a stalker, going out to dinner with him won't hurt!

Well egads

You'd almost think people with STDs were like, NORMAL PEOPLE or something.

Damn them for not wearing their bright orange sweatshirts with, "I HAVE HERPES" written on the front and back.

I'd link the funny comments made by the OP, but they're all over the thread.
Not all RPG admins are bitches, she said bitchily.

Small but sweet, like a strawberry, and, also like a strawberry, growing riper by the moment.

ETA: Wot, locked? Son-of-a . . .


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