December 10th, 2007

I Need a Drink
  • smu

But they get the good parking spaces!

Oh, metaquotes...

A quote is made which briefly mentions the disabled.

This wank's ready for its closeup, Mr. DeMille.

etana is the first to get butthurt, claiming "The disabled are not amused." Because one line in a joke speaks for every disabled person ever.

morbidimpishfae takes up the butthurt cause, "Last I heard stupid didn't count as a disability." saiane counters with "Last time I checked, being stupid was more of a disability than things that society considers 'disabilities' these days."

It just gets more wanky from there. Highlights include:

gonadsandstrife "Yeah, well, the abled aren't happy about you guys getting all the good parking spots, so I'd say it all balances out."

deliriousminuet "Last I heard mental retardation was a pretty serious disability. Now being an asshole, that doesn't get so much sympathy."

Many wonder if etana was being vaguely sarcastic, but it comes out that they "the original commenter mods disabled_rage, so I'm thinking not."

Finally, the mod comes in and freezes the replies.

[Edit: DeMille. Right. Sorry, wrote this at 5am]