December 3rd, 2007

Minor Monday Moronitudinousness.

Ah, customers_suck.

Customer: I want $game.
recycled_sales: Do you want a new copy of $game or... a used copy that is still new?  No one even played it on Sundays!  Sealed for your pleasure!
C: The new one.
RS: Are you suuure?  Are you reeeally suuure?
C: ...yes.  The new one.
RS: Because I mean, it's cheaper, and the same as the new one... taaake it...
C: ...I'll be right back.  *runs*

RS: *posts to CS about the suckery*
Everyone: What the hell?  That's not a suck!
Post: *is deleted*

RS: My post was deleted, apparently because it's the job of shop assistants to give customers whatever they ask for regardless if they're losing money.
Everyone: *facepalm*

A lovely way to start your day!  Don't settle for imitations!

Unlocked &c &c.

Sry for the crossposting, but this really is THAT stupid

Dear longhair,

Here is a "before" picture in which you cannot actually see my hair. Here is an "after" picture at a completely different angle, combed differently, and wet. OMG doesn't it look so much ~better~?


songbird_7, who deleted audacian's first comment asking to post pictures of her hair. She was nicer now, so I'm going to let it stay but tactfully ignore it.


I must give mad props to the mod for telling the OP she's stupid "OP, do you have a better set of pictures to compare by so no one else comments on this?"

Relationship broken; make more people

I hate my husband and my life is a living hell. Why won't you help me make babies??

mono_mama is a monogamous woman married to a polyamorous man, an experience she describes as "a kind of daily punishment for me." She's posted repeatedly on the mono_poly community about her inability to deal emotionally with her husband's "Bill Clinton Syndrome" (read: boinking the hot young things at his yoga school).

Of course, the best idea in situations like this is to get some fertility treatments so you can have a baby, because that'll fix everything. Unfortunately, to her bitter surprise, the fertility clinic isn't thrilled to hear that her husband sleeps around a lot and she resents him for it! This is clearly a case of anti-poly discrimination.

Of course, when people gently point out that a woman who hates her life and her husband and her country and herself is probably not the best motherhood candidate, she flips out because YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE SUPPORTIVE OF MEEEEEEE.

(Disclaimer: I have no problem with sensible polyamory. This ain't it.)

EDIT: No, see, how poly works is I get all the girlfriends I want, and you get to sleep with me and no one else.

Who needs condoms? Yoga makes me immune to disease! -- Yeah, I can't see the fertility clinic doctors having any trouble with that.

MOAR EDIT: This is her husband, y/n?