December 2nd, 2007


Sony is out to get me!

onision posts to gamers posts a letter featuring bold letters and lots of ANGRY CAPS about a password problem he's having with his PlayStation Network account. He later edits the post and explains a theory that Sony has erased his password, some classic "you guyz are all Americentric" wank, and some general incoherent angry rantings. Meanwhile, the gamers are just confused as to what they're supposed to do about it.


Livejournal gets bought out by SUP, and surprisingly little wank on the first two pages (that I've seen. Feel free to correct me if you find any).

Then I stumbled on this gem:

If this means that Livejournal will become bound by Russian free speech laws instead of US free speech laws, that can only be an improvement.
Who 20 years ago could possibly have imagined that we'd be saying that and meaning it in 2007?

ETA: Flounce!!!
And he actually DID leave! (thanks officergucci, for the heads up)

ETA Deux: batshittery from our favourite future Finland expat,, frivolous0491. Props to seserakh for urging me to include it.

ETA три: Godwin's?
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life of the party

It's the end of the world at ljsecret

A mod of ljsecret posts to let everyone know that the community will no longer be accepting any secrets that contain pornography because another mod (heytherealana) was suspected and banned from LiveJournal for posting in a secrets post an image of three girls, all of whom looked about sixteen, topless and covering their breasts with their hands.

Predictably, the comments section explodes with LJ Strikethrough icons and people complaining that the sluts who put their images up were asking for it, that heytherealana didn't make the secret and is therefore not responsible for it (how stupid is LJ!?!?!!?), and trying desperately to string together "Law and Order" episodes they saw last summer into a coherent legal argument.

Edit: It's now locked, but what open at time of posting. This really only means that it's going to get stupider.

Edit: Is it okay if I quote some of the comments posted before it was locked, or is that a violation of the policy? Let me know, mods.

Edit:, a new post on the matter, pointed out by miss_ania