November 29th, 2007

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Over in thequestionclub, thatbitchfiona makes a post with several polls: how many children do you want, what church will they be raised in and why is America the greatest country in the world? Naturally, wank is going to ensue because under the "religion" poll, there is no option for "my child won't be attending church".

Lo and behold, it starts with the first comment. thesmallestm and moshimishi battle it out, the former saying their children will not be attending church due to their past experiences with it, and the latter arguing that others will look at you in a better light if you take your children to church and that if you are a homosexual you won't have children anyway.

Probably only a small stupid that struck me as such because I've spent all morning cramming my brain with Wordsworth, but worth mentioning non-the-less.

EDIT: Also, gays can't fall in love. God said so.

Disclaimer: Checked stupid_free for risk of double-posts, and TQC post was not locked when posted.