November 28th, 2007

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Of parenting and incest!

conceptualpete wants to ask parents what they would do if their children wanted to have sex. With each other.

I don't have kids. I have no idea how I would feel about that. But from what I can imagine now, I would flip out if I ever found my kids playing with each other. Anyways, personal preference aside, I think his post makes sense as a debate topic. Apparently, the community members disagree.

Some can't see the point of making a post about parenting in a parenting community.

I am pro-choice ONLY if everyone follows 'my' choice.

Some just resort to name calling.

"My ex boyfriend and his younger sister fooled around a little bit when he was about 6 and she 4. It would be nice to say that they both turned out to be perfectly normal, but the fact is he is a sex addict who abuses drugs and alcohol and she is headed down a similar path. There is probably no correlation, but I think it bears mentioning."

"You don't seem any better than the woman who microwaved her child. Please seek professional assistance at once."

Also, incest=molestation. Did you say two consenting adults? No. Molestation!

What amuses me the most is how these people pretend like incest doesn't happen at all. Honestly, I see the icky factor in it. But the community members pretend like the OP is just pulling it out of his ass.

eta- So I am the one stupid here and the OP is a known troll. Ignore this post, read the next one. Honestly though? I still think he makes sense in this post atleast. And some of the comments, well, don't.
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She's not a sex-object! Really!

Hot chicks in video games. We know them. We love them. I mean, c'mon. They're hot!

But yukoasho in girlgamers wants you to know that those leather straps she pretends are a bra and thong are totally functional, girlz. (Cross posting with more responses)

And if you think otherwise, you must be one of those bra-burning, sexuality hiding feminists!


Response is initially mild counter-arguments, a little bit of agreement, and a calm sort of "I see your point, but..." Also a bit of tangential game wanking throughout. Which makes me think that everyone did what I did the first time--skim the article and not really pay attention to the actual words used.

Better summary of what's wrong with this is brought up here. A little teal deer, but basically draws together the small cries of "Actually, you're dumb" that were popping up in response to the original post.

Seriously, reading over the first post? Feels like an advertisement for these games.
"She has a short black leather skirt and a tiny white midriff, and her tight, compact build is accentuated by a healthy set of hoo-hoos."
"She even has a seductive, deep, alluring voice, and moans lustily as she feeds."
"She might come swaying seductively at you, but only because that sword of hers is slithering silently on the floor underneath."

Who talks like that?
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sexual harassment = compliment

Over in customers_suck, a bookstore employee reacts negatively to a customer saying, "Hey, where are all the call girls around here? Oh, look, there's one..." and trying to cover it up by saying he actually called her a 'Coles girl'. Most people agree that this is outrageous (whether or not they agree with her reaction) but a couple of people do not.

alouette_sparra attempts to use the argument that, "HEY, there are worse things to be called!
And being called a "call girl"? He could have called you a lot worse than that.

alliwantihave agrees. It means the perpetrator thought you were sexy. And therefore, sexual harassment = compliment. Glad alliwantihave cleared that up for us.
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