November 27th, 2007

"what" indeed.

Over in the land of customers_suck, a tale of blatant suck is told about a customer trying to use a Black Friday coupon after the fact. When the OP politely tells the customer that she can't accept the coupon, the customer lies her ass off to the OP's manager. Caught off-guard by such ballsy suck, the OP exclaims, "Excuse me?!" before the manager takes over.

Most posters agree with the OP. But not theentropist, who refuses to coddle the OP and instead offers a wealth of sound advice:

If you can't handle the heat, gtfo of the kitchen!!1
Positive reinforcement and ass-kissing 101.
You're doing it wrong.

And the winningest thread of all:
...yarn wank?

WAIT!! The plot thickens!

teh_antisecks Failed.


teh_antisecks  just posted a fail and deleted!  Let's all laugh!  (Wait, did I just grudge wank like him?  Drat.)

Here's the text, ya'all:

(Begin Quote)

This is kind of a minor stupid, but it's my first post here, so I can get away with it.

Grendel can't take a joke

Highlights from this particular stupid:
ha ha. and your icon is photoshopped.
SRSLY tho, your icon is photoshopped
See, this icon was made by someone else.
OMG so edgy!


All the links were to a personal journal. 


PS- I'm butt-hurt because he deleted as I was replying.  Comfort me.

Wow, I'm really shocked this isn't up already...

I'm going to keep the description short, as I'm betting there is a race to post this... as of this moment, I checked and it wasn't up yet:

Over in customers_suckhotsprite makes a post about a group of kids who did a dash and dine at the restaurant where he works.

Thing is... he just had had HAD to play a little guessing game first:

Anyways, I ended up getting three more tables. So I'm doing my job, serving my guests... Table #1 is a nice middle-aged white couple. Table #2 is three black teenagers and table #3 is an older white couple. Guess which ones ate a large meal and then disappeared? You guessed right.

Naturally, he gets REAMED, but there's actually people defending him!

Nobody would have mentioned it if he'd listed hair colors

How is it racist to say black teens steal... when they did?

one-the larchmonty python

It's irony, stupid. Not Alanis-Irony either. Real irony.

pure1magination posts to johnheartpaul regarding this article: Ten Reasons Why Fall Out Boy is Better than the Beatles

I clicked on the link first, read it, and thought the post would be about how unfunny said article is. But no.

Apparently not. Pretty much everyone takes it

somewhat  to VERY SRSLY!

Meanwhile, as is obligatory in any Beatleswank (and we have been getting a lot lately), a couple of teenagers boast/whine about how enlightened they are compared to their ignorant peers. Mmmhmm.

A few people do seem to have caught on, but still..

Edit: BTW, I'm not normally a denizen of that community. In the interest of full disclosure, the thought of John Lennon fucking anything at all makes me feel queasy. I was linked to this by the invaluable capslock_beatle

My mangled clothing, let me show you it.

Small stupid, but I laughed quite heartily regardless.

Over in beauty101, musiclover2681 tells everyone to avoid Target because of their horrible clothing quality and the fact that the store won't take her item of clothing back. Never mind the fact that she's already washed the article of clothing and doesn't have a receipt.

People comment telling her maybe it's just an isolated incident and overall, Target's clothing is pretty ok...and musiclover2681 gets all flouncy. Small wank ensues.

Unlocked at time of posting.

EDIT: BAHLEETED! Darn, and I was just commencing with screen caps when my browser froze. How very sad. I apologize for being so slow :(