November 26th, 2007

Discworld Stupid

Ok, not really about Discworld, but about someone in the discworld community. As some of you know, the British miniseries version of "The Hogfather" debuted on American TV last night. Of course, someone posts a review. That's not stupid. What is stupid is that ijustwannasurf states in his/her review that "I've said it before and I'll say it again: British people have no clue how to tell a story on film."

When called on it, they clarify that "I based that on what few things I've seen from British tv like Poirot and the Brett Sherlock Holmes films." Because, of course, that represents the entirety of British filmmaking.

Also, bonus stupid for the complaint that Jeremy Brett played Sherlock Holmes as if he was (gasp) GAY!
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Don't fuck with teddy bear, he's badass and dying!

What do you do if you're gay, a heavy drinker, a furry, your father is dying, and you think your boyfriend is leaving you, possibly even before you die which will be sometime within the next 5 years? Why, of course you decide put metal spikes into the bones of your arms. Then you come to ask for advice on how to do that expecting tips and tricks.

And here we go

This would be simply a "you're a retard who shouldn't even have body modification THOUGHTS" post the likes of which appear every once in a while. However, this guy felt the need to start proclaiming that we shouldn't fuck with teddy bears! and then some more mumbo-jumbo that I don't even get. All preceded by saying that he's one of the baddest mofos ever. Actually, just about every single thing he said is just... I don't even know what the word I'm looking for is!..

AND we know where he lives now. I'm sorry. I can't delete him giving out his own address. I really can't. Yes. He's THAT retarded.

The stupidity was cut short by rightful bannination.
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Over in customers_suck, anti_feminizt decides to introduce herself with a rant against women and why they should always be within a man's reach, despite the fact that she is also of the female persuasion. She provides, as "evidence" of female stupidity, a couple of bad customers and some bad management, along with (unintentionally) herself. The c_s folks immediately call troll, and flood the comments with macros.

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Poll Time -- Stupidest Food

Is bruschetta Very Serious Business? Do cutesy nicknames for food set your teeth on edge almost as much as cutesy foodsinistas do? Is a customer's request for tomato on his salad enough to put you over the communicable diseases edge?

That's right folks, it's time to vote for the Stupidest Food 2007!

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT say "sammiches" in front of coflower. She might just have to slap a bitch.

Some EB customer wanted a tomato on his salad. A tomato! Can you believe the nerve? So ftmjake wiped herpes and boogers on it, then bragged to customers_suck.

A meta-stupid food stupid! frivolous0491 knows that carnivores support the holocaust. And this makes us think we're superior to vegans and vegetarians.

sweettexangrl25 gets very, very angry about comfort food. She also shows up at her own party, but she fails to bring any food. No one told her s_f is a potluck.

xunforgivenx needs to know how to get 2/3s of a cup and 3/4 of a cup using only 1 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup and 1/4 cup measures. Math is hard, you guys!

Poll #1095639 Stupidest Food 2007

What was the stupidest post involving food this year?

coflower hates sammiches. Hates them.
ftmjake will give you herpes if you want a tomato on your salad.
frivolous0491 says that carnivores support the holocaust.
sweettexangrl25 gets serious about her comfort food.
xunforgivenx can't do basic arithmetic.