November 25th, 2007

bjork 2
  • zooey

It's funny, is what it is.

Over in thequestionclub, fuckedupnow posts a question that seems reminiscent of an essay prompt. When confronted about it (complete with fail macros!), he/she claims that it only seems like a homework question because they have a big vocabulary, then begins to delete comments and re-posts the original question, phrased to seem less homework-y, I guess. Not long after, oneblackshoe makes another post is made addressing deleted comments and fuckedupnow kri kri kris about comments being insulting and mean for no good reason.

Speculation about fuckedupnow's age comes up (17, if you're wondering), and any posts made by the user are mostly ignored and answered with nonsensical responses. And he/she makes a lot of them, since apparently continuing internet drama is more important than writing the essay that was so hard it had to be asked about in TQC. Shame, since that edumacation might keep him/her from that retail job that's worse than begging on the streets. Not that you would know, sweetie, since you've never had a job.

When drowned_lust asks whether everyone will ignore fuckedupnow's posts from then on, fuckedupnow makes an appearance in the comments and suggests that sinkopayshun should be banned for being rude.

This sort of crap just might be why you don't have a best friend. Uhmmm.