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November 23rd, 2007

Spank wank

There is an article in cf_hardcore about a man in NZ who was convicted of assault for violently smacking his son.

lucy_u2 starts things off by saying "Sometimes, kids need a good spanking." Most kids she knows who don't get spanked end up "fucked up, unemployed, into drugs or dead"

She continues to think that her anecdotes are universal truth.
[Believing in the real word] tells me the first kid of a family I know was a lovely kid and is now a fantastic doctor (and was sometimes spanked), but with their second kid they tried this modern "spanking is wrong". He was killed with 16y, selling drugs to maintain his habit.
That's an actual quote. Topped off with further evidence that if you don't get spanked, you will become a drug addict. Did I mention that she's a lawyer? That's how she knows the streets like fucking Ice-T.
Full of absolute fucking stupid. No comments at time of posting. Unlocked, at time of posting.

The comments? Gonna be fucking stupid without a doubt. I'm just hoping that it doesn't get deleted prematurely.


The best bit? Looking at it, I don't think the OP is a troll

Fact is: Any post starting with "I'm not racist, I'm really not, I love living in the Bay where we have a very diverse community. Unfortunately, there are some truths to stereotypes..."

Is bound to be full of idiodicy.

Other gems include:

"I personally know of 2 dentists with great business that are of Indian ancestry and both of them are SUPER STINGY and rude"

"So the next 3 of these sucks PROVE these stereotypes right"

"(talks smack about me in their language. I had good Indian friends in High School, and HAHA, I know some words.)"

and the beautiful gem:

"Like I said, I'm not racist. I'm an equal opportunity hater (haha) I had great friends who were of Indian Ancestry during my HS years"

Plz to be capping.


It are getting better. And slightly grudgewanky. The OP's copypasta'd comment of choice?

"I'm fine with comments like yours, I know where I stand personally, and I know I opened myself up for things like these by posting it.

Its cool. I appreciate your thought and I hope you don't get judged the way you judge. "

ETA THE SECOND THIRD: http://pics.livejournal.com/offbalance/pic/00053048

ETA AGAIN: It gets weirder in the comments:


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