November 22nd, 2007


Way down yonder in the ask_me_anything, no_encores wants to learn a few sales-related phrases in Spanish because she works in a mall in south Texas and a number of her customers no hablas ingles. That's cool, forward thinking, knowing your customers, y algo de mierda del caballo.

Okay, so we all know where it's headed. A few minutes after she hits "post" she gets the predictable. tantalizinqz wants us all to know that "i really don't think you should have to learn Spanish in a country that speaks English." About the service you'd expect from the community's resident Walmart employee. I guess it doesn't matter, because unlike southern Texas, she'll probably do fine with the "speak English motherfucker" argument in southern California.

ragalicious points out that the US has no official language and is met with the ever-popular anecdata from tantalizinqz.

The blooper reel:
jamescabreros knows that the US does have an official language because he got an English book in grammar school.

Not going to lie, I get a bit involved here but I'm not pissed, just trying to point out her borked logic. OK OK I ADMIT IT'S GRUDGE WANK LULZ.
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Oh noes my sammich might taste like other sammiches, and I don't like the way places make sammiches, so I'm going to complain, but not say anything to the place. And I can't handle people telling me to get over it, so no more comments for you!

The flounce post with the anger was deleted, here is the original post it sprang from.
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She's a real winner:

punkykrista had this year's STUPIDEST FLOUNCE!!

Totals at time of closing:

You don't like punkykrista's tattoo? Eff you!
446 (39.7%)

aim4thefuture in stupid_free is the Crappiest Community of Livejournal
208 (18.5%)

pedobears in a big SEX scandal of some kind.
171 (15.2%)

budgetbride in Your face is ugly bitch
152 (13.5%)

peepnklown quits all of livejournal.
146 (13.0%)

Congrats to physidork for finding this one!
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Official Stupid_Free Awards 2007

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

In honour of eating, let's do our next nomination:


Who threw a stupid fit over food this year?

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The paganbear strikes back

It being the US Thanksgiving and all, it was inevitable that somewhere on the interwebs SOMEONE would post a rant about the First Nations people. It's inevitable, right?

He had it all:
- EUROPEANS ARE TEH EVIL (even though he's obviously descended from them)
- he prays to the Creator and burn sage every day
- the natives were all minding their own business or something before the Europeans came
- include a couple Native American images for effect
- end off with the 10 NATIVE AMERICAN COMMANDMENTS (I can't make this shit up)

That's not the worst of it. He made this post in not one.. not two.. but three atheist communities (because atheists are the perfect audience for a theist with a cause!!), as well as one actual pagan community.

Somehow he didn't notice that Atheists don't pray to a Creator? Also were the natives nice and friendly and all got along peacefully and all had the same beliefs?

When abstrak_tokatl, an actual descendent of the First Nations, tells him to shut up, paganbear actually says NO!

To pull even more away from the subject at hand, slythwolf is offended at paganbear's use of the word "rape." As you can see, he wasn't polite to her, either.

paganbear also tries to claim he'd love to go live on a reserve except he's obviously talking out of his ass because if he meant it, what is stopping him? (Maybe they don't want him either?)

I am sure paganbear will also take offense to rogerdr's statement of "kiss my ass."

I'm sure I will update this as the BS rolls in...

EDIT: MOD DELETED for atheist.

EDIT THE SECOND: paganbear has disabled comments in antitheism as well as unsubbing from the community. Mostly because people called him out on his BS and because apparently he didn't understand what "antitheism" means.
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