November 21st, 2007

Ninja Troll


Most of these users are no longer on livejournal in their previous incarnations. That's because they have FLOUNCED!

punkykrista really does have a GOD-AWFUL TATTOO. It makes my heart weep. But she likes it and posts it to a tattoo community, so whatevs right? Apparently, it's not whatevs. When people don't like her (did I mention it was GOD AWFUL) tattoo, she flounces. In a most loltastic way.

peepnklown quits the entire livejournal. Really! He quit every community there is!

Being a bride is so important. So is pink text. So is everything. DON'T YOU KNOW budgetbride is getting MARRIED???!?! IT'S SO IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Your face is ugly bitch!!!

I would just like to say this is the crappiest community of livejournal. I believe I don't need to say why either. And, if you are looking for me to reply to any of your replies...don't bother looking, none of you are worth a stupid reply!

I don't even understand what happened in this next flounce. You'll have to ask mengus. It was something to do with njyoder seeing his first vagina and several flounces from pedobears. Sex! Yoder! PEDOBEARS!

Poll #1092441 STUPIDEST FLOUNCE 2007

Who made the stupidest flounce this year?

You don't like punkykrista's tattoo? Eff you!
peepnklown quits all of livejournal.
budgetbride in Your face is ugly bitch
aim4thefuture in stupid_free is the Crappiest Community of Livejournal
pedobears in a big SEX scandal of some kind.