November 20th, 2007

I don't care about my argument, so I don't have to prove it!


What, we don't have a candidate for VP yet?

No we don't. But, we have a confirmed sighting of Teh Stooppids. Normally graphicdesign isn't a breeding ground for stupidity. Today? Wow. Over in this corner, hailing from Washington State:

"And a question: in previous years I've seen a lot of "Predident/VP in'04" type designs, but this year there seems to be a distinct absence of the VP's name. Anyone have insight into that?

It makes me want to burn their voter card and remove him/her from the voter list gene pool.

No comments yet. But this might get interesting.

(no subject)

Over in feminist, sinedelecta posts a picture of women who have had extensive plastic surgery done, followed by "discuss" (which is against the comm rules and she has since replaced it). People point this out politely, and many say that criticizing women's looks is not feminist.
Despite several people bringing up interesting and relevant discussion topics, sinedelecta decides she is not having any of it, and flounces.