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November 19th, 2007

Being foreign means it's ~exotic~

Oh, aria_star.

She posts to inbetweenies looking for a lehnga, which is ceremonial Indian wedding garb, because she wants to wear it as an "everyday thing."

To co-opt one of the comments, "But everyone knows it's not REAL wedding gear so long as it's foreign!"

Bonus is when someone tells her it's demented to use ceremonial dress of a culture not her own in this way, and she responds "I think abortion's beyond demented, but you didn't ask my opinion."

Of course, as we all know, aria_star is descended from ~Pocahontas~ and a ~black slave~, so it's okay for her to water down important traditional ceremonial dress and "pair it with a turtleneck."

(This was originally posted on sf_drama, but it was suggested that it truly contained enough dumb for The Big Community, so now it's here).

Nov. 19th, 2007

Why yes, buying bags of candy AND driving a crappy car is a sure sign of being a peado.

I want a refund. I came for peado wank, not evolution wank which i cannot participate in because honeslt,y I don't know who's right

Nov. 19th, 2007

xiratxex wants us all to know that humanity is over-rated. While this may be a valid point, apparantly his reasoning for this is because there is not enough appreciation for multi-lingual, non-American, black-metal-loving, Harry-Potter-fandom, Mac-using, LaVey Satanists (I wish I was making part or all of that up). Naturally, brutal_honesty tears him to pieces. Highlights include:

nullcherri gives the best possible response.

This is blatant egotism/grudge, but who cares?

That's all I can be bothered to link to, but it's 3 pages of A+ comments and still going.

EDIT: In case it's not clear, as a few people seem to be confused: I was not allowed to look at his user info due to BH rules, so I didn't know what country he was from when I posted my comment to him. But even if I had known, I still would have said it, because Spain can suck my snarky cock and anyone who gets pissy about it is obviously some kind of dirty Spaniard sympathizer. Yes, yes, I'm aware that Spain did some allegedly "great" things and is supposedly a country of reasonable size and influence, but until they get Toby Keith to write a song about how much ass they kick I couldn't care less. AMERICA, FUCK YEA!

If any of that offends you I think you've missed the point of this post and, possibly, this entire community.
more goodness from ohnotheydidnt

Pictures surface of Julia Roberts and family parking in a handicapped space. Cue wank.

lustdumpster wants to know what the big deal is because really, EVERYONE parks in all-too-abundant handicapped spaces!

jennem thinks ONTD is jumping the gun as usual and maybe, just maybe, Julia Roberts is handicapped.

disabled people on ONTD are quite offended.

well, how do you know the rest of the spaces weren't full?

it's not her fault! she wasn't driving!

rarefy77 shows some sensitivity on the subject.

Why woman is like a racial epithet

Over on feminist, lick_your_heart asks "Can the word 'woman' be reclaimed (like the word n****r)?"

Alarmingly, no one seems to pick up on this for absolutely ages, and everyone has a cheerful conversation about trying to reclaim the 'w' word, which is, of course, totally similar to the 'n' word.

There are a few comments at the bottom of the thread which seem to be picking up on the stupidity of that comparison, so it might yet explode. For the moment, however, most of the stupid is just in the original post.
Over in libertarianism, ikilled007 shows the class an article about an English public (ETA: state-run) school. It was a failing school, etc. until the school faculty decided to let students choose themes for each semester. (This semester's theme: Harry Potter.) Now, the school performs among the top 25% in the country. So, ikilled007 uses his super special libertarian powers to come to the obviously true and relevant conclusion that "parents who love their children do not send them to government schools." Honestly, I don't know what I'd do without those lovely chaps over in libertarianism to tell me how I ought to respond to articles.


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