November 18th, 2007

Caution, fat wank.

So New Zealand has very rigid immigration requirements. They have free health care so they take every possible step possible to ensure no one is going to be a burden on the system or just moving there to abuse it. This of course causes people to say really stupid shit.

"What does type 1 diabeties have to do with being unhealthy?"

"They are afraid she will eat all the grass and their 1.5 million sheep will starve and die."

Some how being beautiful makes the situation worse

My dictionary, let me show it to you

Logic, my best friend.

Some interesting stuff going on here It keeps growing. Its fresh. More to come as its still growing.
St. Bastard
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Swift is turning in his grave!

Over in metaquotes, ironically right above a post from this very community, is a wank-fest about a quote about puppies. PUPPIES, people!

The tongue-in-cheek, Modest Proposal-esque post, right here, brings out a lot of stupid. The quote is stupid, the people replying are either over-reacting or going "UR WRON, MY DOG WAS NEVAH LIKE DAT" or displaying moral superiority over the subject.

Just... chock full of stupid. Metaquotes are serious business everyone!
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ebonyglow87 makes a gay-bashing post to blackfolk here where he talks about a man trying to get Microsoft to stop advocating for gay rights.

SO MUCH DAMN STUPID, but let's start with this picture:
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And the quotes...dear Lord, the quotes.

Being repulsed by the unnatural act of sodomy does not make me a bigot.

The Black churches have been doing a good job at keeping the sodomite threat down, but the black community can only do so much considering the imposed restrictions White folk put on us.

Where do these white sodomites get off talking about a black man's alliances, anyways?

There are no Sodomites of Color. Just confused brothers taking on a white vice.

blackfolk responded admirably with some macros and porn, but he deleted all of it and is now screening comments.

He then makes a second post to blackfolk to whine here, and is deleting comments in that too.

EDIT: We have journal deletion, and a flounce!

Okay, okay. So maybe too easy. But it still made me giggle.

People on the internet not liking me is the same as America being racist in the 1950's!

This is a comment by the OP in a larger post that is, ahem "addressing" a dispute between Germaine Greer, a fairly famous feminist with some serious issues when it comes to race, and Yasmin Alibai-Brown, who wrote a book on London's poor that discussed sexism within the immigrant community.

There's stupid in the main post too, starting with "A female POC has written a book" (OMG, really? A female one?) and ending with "Feminism has no Martin Luther King-someone everyone subscribes to."

Like I said, makes me giggle on a Sunday morning.


Oh, yeah. I'd forgotten about this one. Thanks to chiss:
Person of Color is too damn hard! Why can't we just call 'em colored again?
Dominic Deegan Melna LMAO

For my introductory post, I bring you a gift of epic mockworthiness. No, no...don't thank me.

corduroyskirt makes her two male coworkers clean up a clogged-toilet flood because she doesn't "know how to use a plunger".

Okay. How the HELL do you NOT know how to use a freakin' toilet plunger? Did you skip that day in Home Ec? Do you just not take a dump at home? WTF?!

School is torture! School is happy! NO U!

Over in anarchists, there is a post about the radical community needing to be more inclusive to parents. All is well.

Until the first comment, when anonymous shows up with a comment about the age of the OP. (Side note: There are several anonymous (anonymi?) who comment regularly on anarchists. This one has the writing style of an anonymous who frequents anarchists, and is likely not to be a troll.)
daysofthegun responds. Anonymous says daysofthegun is being ageist.
The entire thread quickly explodes in wank about public schooling. Anonymous declares school to be torture. Macros are used. Comments about relative age are thrown around. i_goatse_lj tries to take credit for the thread when we all know it was teapolitik.

Stupid on all sides! Enjoy!