November 17th, 2007

Ninja Troll


First place was a runaway, but there was a battle for other places:

xombie is this year's STUPIDEST CHILDFREE!!!

Totals at time of poll closing:

xombie in On a positive note...wha?!
506 (43.2%)

longtail and friends in Deliciously Ironic
245 (20.9%)

raine_insane and stupid_free commentors in Tat-Scratch Fever
213 (18.2%)

commanderd is Preggophobic AND doesn't care about us
105 (9.0%)

lupie_stardust in Halloween Treat
103 (8.8%)

Congrats to thelittlebudgie for bringing us the stupid!
Ninja Troll


Y'know, this community is two years old, and I'll be covered in honey and sawed in half if it isn't every bit as agonizing as a mod as it was the first week when we were labeled trolls and pre-banned from every interesting community on livejournal.

First off, you're all too stupid to read rules. Honestly, you have reading comprehension skills of toadstools. Secondly, you're all a bunch of fickle fucks. Everyone LOOOOOOOVES the stupid until it's something that hits close to home for them personally. Then it's "stupid_free used to be interesting, until it was overrun by idiots" or "That's why I left the community MONTHS AGO and my life is SO much better for it!" or my personal favourite "Ever notice how many stupid people are IN stupid_free snark snark!"

Personally, I'm tired of the hypocrisy. I'm tired of the holier than thou attitudes from everyone who was never a member, or is no longer a member, and from some of you asshats you actually still ARE members but take every opportunity to bash us in other comms. Even funnier? The banned who say how lame this community is and how they won't miss a minute of it...only to become regular posters in sf_drama. Pretty soon it will be "The only good stupid happens in sf_drama!"

This community takes a lot of work. We have to moderate membership because of spammers, and god forbid someone posts a nasty picture! "WHERE ARE THE MODS??! What's going on??? I can't BELIEVE this is happening to my friends list omg!!!!!!!!!" On top of constantly screening members to weed out potential trolls, we still have some of you jerks telling us we're not moderating enough. "Maybe we need moderated POSTING! There's been a rash of non-stupid posted lately, who let in all this riffraff?? This community used to be so good, now I scroll past 75%! Where are the mods in all this? This community has gone to the dogs!"

Or we're moderating too much! How dare we tell someone not to delete their posts or link to personal journals or quote locked posts or not get someone fired in real life! "Rules suck!! No matter how few you have! The mods are wagging their peens at me again like I care har har!!"

Then there is the constant harassment from the butthurt. Threats of getting the community shut down, of class action suits, reports to LJ Abuse...and why? Well, a big reason is TROLLING by our own members. We spend all this time attempting to amuse you with the Stupid Awards, and how do you thank us? By TROLLING THE WINNER'S JOURNALS. Nice work, dumbshits.

I swear, I've had it up to here with sacrificing my days off babysitting a bunch of ingrates and imbeciles who can't figure out how to read a user info page or construct a post properly, and then fighting trolls and spammers with their social experiments, lack of humour, and distorted ideas of justice. The whole thing has lost its shine for me. We could hand the community off to another mod, but what's the point? The vision is lost. We'd rather scrap the whole project than watch someone else run it further into the ground.

So, we've decided to shut down stupid_free.


We could just take nominations for


Give us your nominations for the stupidest examples of someone leaving a community, but not quietly! SO LONG CRUEL COMMUNITY!!!!!

(Did I scare you? xoxo stupid_free 4 Life!!!!!)

To see the full list of categories for this year and how we're defining them, click here.)

  • To nominate your favorite stupid in any category, check the replies to see if it has already been nominated.

  • If not, comment with the user(s) you are nominating and links to the specific stupid_free post where their stupidity was reported. Links! Include links. User name and links to their stupid_free feature. You can also campaign by telling everyone why you feel this is the best example of stupid for this category.

  • If someone has already nominated your pick, please REPLY to their nomination with some sort of nod of agreement. You can include your opinions to campaign for your fave. You can back multiple nominees, but keep in mind that in the voting stage you will have to pick your ultimate!

  • Top 5 will be in the official voting poll tomorrow.