November 16th, 2007

Kharmii: The Scary Icon Strikes Back

In my never ending pursuit of not being made of fail, I am taking a wild stab at Writing-Up some stupid brought to light by superfrogqueen8, who only doesn't get to make the post simply because her membership has not yet been approved.

In useless_facts our favorite Zealot kharmii feels the need to lay the smackdown on some people who are being TOTALLY MEEN YOU GAIS to Christians!

I'm really smart, but ivory-tower geeks who spend too much time on the internet are lame and obsessed with the bible! Knowing useless facts, like who Joan of Arc was, are no measure of intelligence!

All atheists are potheads who can tell you ever flaw in any movie you could ever want, but never ever look at the outside world.

Wiccans worship goat gods and cast magical spells, and Atheists believe in UFOs and Alien Abductions. Yes, all of them! Christians, though, raise money for charities, while internet geeks want to be better than everyone.

the world would be a better place if we didn't have a class of people who make it a career to shit out kids and leech off of welfare. [Most Christians] are law abiding citizens with jobby-jobs who give time and money towards good causes.

I have never seen so much hypocrisy in my life. Discounting politicians, i mean.

ETA: As predicted, she is here, and claiming she did it for the lulz. She's also calling us Sillypants Fascists Full of Poo. Her "friend's" "poetic masterpiece," an ode to us, is titled A Douche Like You. Isn't it amazing how little she cares?
Ninja Troll


It's time to vote for this year's STUPIDEST CHILDFREE!

1000+ comments erupted over raine_insane and her empathy for homeless women and children. The filthy little sprog scratched a small bit of her new tattoo, okay it was an accident, but so what! It's fun to scare the homeless mother into thinking she'll have to pay (even though touch-ups are freeeeee)!! Not everyone thought it was stupid. If she's fearful enough about money she can't pay, maybe she'll learn to parent! Homeless entitlemoo, that'll learn her.

Just last week a horrible incident involving a dog and a baby's genitals caused xombie to give her edgy opinion "On a positive note, he won't be able to breed now". They might even put the dog to sleep now because of a "precious baaaaayyyybeeeeeee" and his penis! Both the CF and S_F communities cry out in disgust and call potential troll, but xombie really doesn't see what the big deal is.

It's okay to trick a woman into miscarriage using animal drugs, right? longtail thought it was deliciously ironic (not horrifying, not disgusting) because it was COW HORMONE and he gave it to a MOOOOO! COW...MOO...GEDDIT???! Many people in cf_hardcore express their disgust over poisoning a woman for any reason, but a couple people didn't think it seemed so crazy. Unthinkable? "No it's not. Some men really don't want to be fathers." and "He'll probably still have to pay child support for the offspring, though. :\"

lupie_stardust hates Halloween. Doesn't celebrate, waste of time! BUT it is the perfect opportunity to teach kids that humans are bastards. When the little urchins dare to knock on her door, she treats them to a greasy bowl of washing-up water flung right out the window onto their heads! Ah, another childfree tall tale about another mighty battle won against the dark forces of children.

commanderd feels really strongly about My House, My Rules. No emergency of any size would be enough to allow children in, and no pregnant women ever (she's preggophobic). Your house blew up? She doesn't care! Stupid or just rude? I'm not sure. But this post does lead many cf_hardcore members to express their weariness of seeing the comm featured in stupid_free. commanderd doesn't care because she doesn't read this community. We're not even on her radar. No amount of effort would change our opinions of the CF, so she doesn't waste her time.

Poll #1089870 STUPIDEST CHILDFREE 2007

Who do you like for this year's STUPIDEST CHILDFREE?

raine_insane and stupid_free commentors in Tat-Scratch Fever
xombie in On a positive note...wha?!
longtail and friends in Deliciously Ironic
lupie_stardust in Halloween Treat
commanderd is Preggophobic AND doesn't care about us
Madrid - Plaza Mayor

Uhm, no...

I know I posted something from chemicalromance just a few days ago, but this seriously makes me want to bang my head against the wall.

snipped makes this post, because apparently Sgt. Pepper jackets have something to do with MCR? Cause, y'know, The Beatles totally copied MCR.

(In case you're unfamiliar with MCR, these are the outfits the OP is referencing)
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