November 15th, 2007

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readysteadystop goes apeshit over dupe posts in badtattoos_4

Posted on behalf of macabre.

ETA[0]: I had to remove the bad_tattoos links.

ETA[1]: ALSO, readysteadystop is now claiming that she banned me for "trolling" because of my drama stirring comments in sf_drama, BUT I had never commented in that community before she banned me--it was my first time even reading it. In addition to other blatant lies, this takes the cake; she's clearly trying to save face regarding her silly behavior. I'm used to people making gross exaggerations about my behavior, but so many blatant lies.

Basic summary is that the OP accidentally made a repost, but the mod didn't inform her of it and let the post go through anyways to mock her.

But that's not an sf_drama post about the incident, she joins in to show how "laid back" she is by banning anyone who criticizes the community rules or her behavior.

Or if you're careful and tell her that you are a member of the community (all your opinions regarding rules are automatically invalid if you aren't a member--i.e. ad hominem), she might just change the subject to avoid it. She makes sure to get consent from the other mods to ban people, unless she doesn't like you.

In bad_tatoos, she deleted one comments-disabled post where she whined about dupe posts and another dupe post she approved.

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therealme123 is at it again.

just a few days after his tirade against teachers and their stupid benefits, he is at it again in ohnotheydidnt.

This time, he thinks that anyone under 18 does not have the right to an opinion.

highlights include: why let them make mistakes, they are not their own human beings and letting children and teenagers decide their own lives is sick

this is his second major stupid in just a few days, I hope hes not a troll

ETA look who came out to play
Ninja Troll

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If you have not already backed a nominee for STUPIDEST CHILDFREE, please do!

And the winner is!

satansatin666 is this year's STUPIDEST RACIST OR BIGOT

Apparently, holocaust deniers can NOT be intelligent and mature people! Who knew???

Totals at time of closing:

satansatin666 in Intelligent and Mature People Can be Holocaust Deniers
472 (33.9%)

dwa20 in I Have Sat on the Hard Seat of Racism
301 (21.6%)

aria_star in I'm Not Racist Because I Paint With All the Colors of the Wind!
281 (20.2%)

coflower in Life Tans
173 (12.4%)

reality_hammer in Practicing Islam Should Be a Hate Crime
165 (11.9%)

Congratulations to lucretia_lenore for the report!
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Breastfeeding wank, with added stupid.

The original post in childfree contains this statement:

And as for having a baby sucking on you, I don't find it very natural. What kind of transition that must be to go from a man sucking your nipple to a baby. I couldn't do it.

This made me wonder if the post was a troll post - I mean, if she said that she thought breastfeeding was gross, it'd be standard fare for childfree, but to say that breastfeeding is unnatural? That's not the really stupid part though.

leer jumps in to defend the OP, saying "i can, and do, find it unnatural. so what if that makes me ethnocentric." This is only the beginning of leer's chain of stupid, which goes on to include other gems like "and imo mensturation is not necessary nor natural for women in todays society. we have surgical means to counteract that shit."

So not only is breastfeeding not natural, but neither is menstruation. leer keeps using that word. I don't think it means what she thinks it means.

My questioning of her logic somehow gets interpreted as me having a problem with queer sex. I don't think reading comprehension is leer's strong point..