November 14th, 2007

Oxfam, You're Doing It Wrong

I always seem to post livejournal_uk stupid - probably because there aren't many s_f people in that comm, so I have less competition for posting stupids. In before someone accuses me of having a vendetta.

A post is made asking for help in identifying a 'I-know-him-but-just-can't-place-him' celebrity appearing in an ad for Oxfam. LJ_UK's answer to Yoder, bucue has spotted a flaw in Oxfam's cunning plan: Although why are they giving condoms to Africans? Maybe it's just me here but.. wouldn't a condom be useless in a country full of rape..?

I would think he was trolling - he does so love pissing people off - but as his attempts to start something generally have all the subtlety of a rock through a window landing in a nest of killer bees, I'm going for 'Oh Shit, He's Serious' on this one.
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Over in dog_lovers:

happyhat13034 writes to the governor of New Jersey: I see that you are still planning to kill Congo, I think this is an absoulte outrage, how can we call ourselves America with this going on?!? He is more of a citizen than the coward who cannot follow a simple request, swung a rake at a dog and then used his owner as a sheild. T think he heeds to be charged for animal abuse and deported, how dare you take an illegal aliens side over that of a US CITIZEN??? If this is the kind of justice New Jersey offers I am glad I live in Texas, because here we fight for what is RIGHT! If a dog tries to protect its owner from harm it is a hero, not killed! Whats next? A man gets mugged and is put in jail for hurting him while trying to escape? New Jerseys answer, "He should have just laid there and taken it." I think this is unbelievable and think you should seriously reconsiter what you intend to do to Congo the HERO dog!!! (link removed since the post has been deleted)

Hooooo boy.

Unlocked at time of posting.

EDIT: There's a second post! I don't even know what xenophobic means so I don't think I can in all good concience be called that. (link removed since the post has been deleted)

EDIT2: Both are baleeted. But I have a screencap of the first post

Screen cap of the second post. Thanks ardor_patientia!

Becawz coffee are serious bidness!!

telephonic_line writes in bad_service her dealings with a bitchy Barista at Starbucks.  Why was said Barista considered a loony bitch? Because OMG is called a freAking VENTI!!!

For a while most of the commenter's are calling troll. But of course as with any stupid the inevitable wank appears.
You should read the menu bitch  has about the most involved comments about a topic stupid. There is more  you should have read the menu bitch.
Okay, okay, nobody said bitch but for whatever reason I'm digging that word tonight. There are other tiny stupids and Starbucks boycotters make a cameo as well.

*I'm warning you now, it's a little stupid but it still contains a good eye roll or two.
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