November 13th, 2007


This just in: The ACLU == COMMUNISTS!

According to conceptualpete, the ACLU are terrorists because their founder was once a communist.

Attempts to fight him with logic by pointing out that a bazillion people were communists in the 20s are ignored.

Pointing out that the founder of the ACLU later changed his mind on communism means you used Wikipedia.

And disagreeing with conceptualpete makes you a communist.

Stupid abounds!

EDIT: Alright guys, I admit it, I fail! Bring on the cat macros.

Photoshop Stupid. Yay!!!

So over in texturize, cabrioles posts a question about a texture someone used on their icon. sidhex replies snarkily. With the arrival of the snark comes the people to call them on it.

_keng_ calls out sidhex on being a jerk and it being a brush. sidhex replies with Of course it's a brush. And stop being a lazy ass. Why? Cuz I said so intarwebz.

The best response in this whole thing? This right here.

Small stupid but the macro response was worth posting.

Booj stupid

i wouldn't send my child to anything associated with oprah.

Buh? I mean, forget the abuse... teresina wouldn't send her children to a school established by Oprah, even if the only other option were no schooling.

She seems to backpedal in later comments, but it's honestly hard to tell -- she's a touch incoherent.

(and a ;P to merlyn4401)

ETA: Daaaamn, stupid showed up to her own party nice and early. I predict fun times.

digging her own grave

mystic_seraph has no sense of direction.

Of course, since she can't be wrong, it must be everyone else's fault.

According to mystic_seraph, the employees of the cemetery where her dad is buried moved his grave, despite the fact that they had room still, refilled his old position with other people even though they could have just placed the new arrivals where mystic_seraph's dad was supposedly relocated to, covered all graves concerned with magical instant-regenerating grass, and then lied to her about it.

This is at least 100% more likely than the concept that perhaps mystic_seraph can't tell one part of a graveyard from another, just like the rest of us. She is, of course, a mystic seraph and not subject to human fallibility.

EDIT: I'm a retard. Post is locked.
Madrid - Plaza Mayor

Concert Fail

This is my first post here, and a small stupid, but funny nonetheless.

lady_guillotine makes this post in chemicalromance claiming that the bassist for My Chemical Romance wasn't at the show. This, understandably, gets lots of people worried.

Eventually people start calling the OP on her fail.

The OP tries to defend herself by claiming that she "queued up for 5 hours" and her "eyesight is flipping great". To anyone who points out that she was wrong she replies "what row were you in?".

Macros are posted, along with quite a few pictures of Mikey onstage that night. The OP is not amused.

Finally, the OP edits her post to say Mikey looks "really different", as if that makes up for not being able to recognize a member of your favorite band when you were in the very front row.
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the only moral plastic surgery is my plastic surgery!

tealizard thinks Kanye West's mom was so self-obsessed that it's her fault she died on the operating table. Nevermind that she's getting a reduction herself soon. Or that the late Ms. West was going in for breast reduction surgery as well, because it was probably meant to be a LIFT, no matter what anyone says. You see, she was just DYING to have that surgery, lol.

treevoir can't wait for Kanye to make an album about this!

This is not ONTD. This is wtf_inc.

Unlocked at time of posting, likely to remain unlocked.

edited to add subject line

edit 2: Look, everyone! It's yoder, come to teach us again!

edit 3: Deleted!!!! did anyone get Screencaps? At all? This is the quote I remember from her post:

"I have to say I don't blame the surgeon for this... just the self-obsessed woman."
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What a pretty...wait...

According to iabrocci in thequestionclub blind people don't want you to compliment their dogs. No, because they are blind they have no sense of humor, and get angry if you say "pretty puppy" in their presence.

It has all the makings for a good disabilities fight!

Edit: shotie wants to know "So only people with their eyesight still intact are worthy of receiving comments about how cute their dogs are?"

Also, iabrocci can't be wrong, because he tells blind people what stop is coming up.
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Give a dog a home

(no subject)

thequestionclub strikes again!

iheartretards wants to kick her roommate out without coming off as a cunt. Why?

She is an overly PC hippie douche who burns nag champa has a voicemail message that goes "close the critical eye....look deep within yourself.....and breathe in with the universe...." get's offended at jokes and is just generally really passive and wimpy. (not edited for spelling/grammar)

Wank ensues.

EDIT: Wow, that didn't take long for the stupid to join the party.
I have the dumb


The Stupidest Racist or Bigot Category honors those who show extraordinary cluelessness, irony, and intolerance in the field of LJ Race Relations. This year's nominees are:

reality_hammer in Practicing Islam Should Be A Hate Crime!

stupid_free newcomer reality_hammer makes a splash with his completely not insane assertion that the simple practice of a religion is enough to constitute a "hate crime". But not all religions, just Islam. Because, yanno, Islam is the only religion that has crazed psychopaths committing atrocities in its name.

coflower in Life Tans

In another strong showing, stupid_free All-Star coflower takes a break from eating sammiches and puts her foot in her mouth instead when she tells karnythia,
"I realized while typing this up that I do remember that you have the life tan I wish I had sometimes."
karnythia, with infinite patience, gently informs her that That's really not something you should say to anyone of color. But our dear coflower, quite possibly heavily sedated at the time, chooses instead to read off the Stupid White Folks Bingo card, and informs us that not only is she usually more pink or purple than white, but she ALSO has a Friend of Color, and thinks Bill Cosby makes a lot of good points. Oh, coflower.

satansatin666 in Intelligent and Mature People Can be Holocaust Deniers

In this irony-free performance, stupid_free newcomer satansatin666 combines a desperate need to be edgy with extreme butthurt at the fact that someone might mock her for it. So WHAT if I think supposed mass murderers are adorable! What's the BIG DEAL if I think the Holocaust, if it even happened, was simply a means of salvation?? Big WHOOP if I think that most of the so-called "proof" of the Holocaust is mere heresay??? My opinions are unique and special and they deserve to be respected, dammnit!

dwa20 in I Have Sat on the Hard Seat of Racism

dwa20 knows things. She knows what to wear to a fancy dress party. She knows the difference between regular white and "winter white". And she knows racism, damnit. When she was just a wee lass, she kicked the shins of a movie usher because he wouldn't let her and her beloved nanny Florita ReeRee sit in the front of the theatre, instead abolishing them to the hard seats in the balcony - all because ReeRee was black. She knows that racists would never hire black domestic help or come up with condescendingly infantile pet names for them! Only a totally not racist person like her would do these things! That's why she calls her best friend's interracial extended family a rainbow family! because she totally doesn't see color, you guyz. She's so incredibly not racist that she feels affirmative action should be abolished and black people should be taught proper English and shown how to present themselves for interviews instead!!

aria_star in I'm Not Racist Because I Paint With All the Colors of the Wind!

aria_star is so not racist. It's simply not possible. You see, one of her ancestors was a black person. Buy not just any black person - a black slave. Another was a Native American. But not just any Native American - Pocahontas herself!!! That makes her Oppressed People Royalty, Bitches!!!!




Who is the Stupidist racist or Bigot of 2007?

reality_hammer in Practicing Islam Should Be a Hate Crime
coflower in Life Tans
satansatin666 in Intelligent and Mature People Can be Holocaust Deniers
dwa20 in I Have Sat on the Hard Seat of Racism
aria_star in I'm Not Racist Because I Paint With All the Colors of the Wind!

Voting will stay open for 24 hours, at which point a winner will be announced. Anyone can vote! Feel free to campaign for your choice in the comments!!

Let us never speak of the just deleted atrocity that was my last post. Or the fact that I royally fucked up my last voting post too.