November 11th, 2007



The Stupidest SRS BZNS or Pointless Flame War Category honors those whose involvement in LJ goes one step beyond the search for fun, lighthearted entertainment - these noble defenders of Truth and Justice take it upon themselves to remind us - constantly - that the Internet is Serious Fucking Business.

Our Nominees:

aegion Hates, seriously hates people who ask OPs who post large images to put them behind a cut. LJ is serious business and those who ask others in a polite way to do things are bitches who need to spend more time taking care of their kids, and less time in her precious community! And you'd better do what she says - she'll PWN you later when it's one-on-one, and then you'll be sorry. Because you asked for an LJ cut.

Don't make coflower angry - you wouldn't like her when she's angry. One of the things that makes her angry is SAMMICHES. She hates, hates, HATES sammiches. Just don't say that word. What word, you ask? Sammiches. When you say sammich she wants to punch you. So don't say it. Remember, DO NOT SAY SAMMICH. Because Sammiches? Serious Fucking Business.

njyoder is a man on a mission. His mission? To make sure stupid_free understands that they are all stupid poopieheads and that njyoder is a super brain genius. He is so super-smart that he'll spend post after post and comment after comment to make sure your feeble minds absorb this information. He will make entire posts designed to teach us the meaning of words. Because he cares that much. Educating all of stupid_free is serious business! And we love him for it. Well, at least I do.

skepticultist is what pops out nine months after you put coflower and njyoder in the same room with porn and they have begrudging, yet really, really hot, sex. Both convinced he's always right AND angry as hell, skepticultist needs mylaptopisevil to know that putting a can of Buzz Cola in his icon makes him a corporate whore, but Skepty's own Star Wars icons do not (maybe because they get him off???). Either way, he's right, you're wrong, and if this was real life, he would totally kick your ass.

The internet is a scary place. It's filled with people who will do terrible things like misrepresent Gothic Lolita Style. Thank heavens that we also have Gothic Lolita Superhero akuneko42!! Able to leap huge communities in a single bound, she puts on her stretchy pants and flies to the scene of the crime to right the terrible wrongs that have been committed against Gothic Lolita Style. If that involves pulling out her Non-Sequitur Welfare Wank Death Ray, so be it - those bitches asked for it! Soon, the entire internet will learn that Gothic Lolita is Serious Business! Up, Up, and Awayyyyy!

OK GUYS, Time to vote!! For reals this time!


Vote For the Stupidest SRS BZNS of 2007:

aegion in I Will PWN You When It's One-On-One
coflower in If You Say "Sammich", I Will Punch You
njyoder in I Call You Guys Retarded Fuckwits Because I Care
akuneko42 in You Welfare Mothers Know Nothing Of Gothic Lolita!

Voting will stay open for 24 hours, at which point a winner will be announced. Anyone can vote! Feel free to campaign for your choice in the comments!!

Love, your completely detached and impartial mod, sayonara_snot

P.S. go yoder

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I'm posting this here now in hopes it will become the hugeness I have come to expect from poor_skills

inheritrix, apparently a S_F all-star, has posted to poor_skills asking about a good place she can get kneepads, you know, for all the weekly duties women are on their knees for. Despite the obvious sexual innuendos, she maintains that it's for household duties men don't do.

Some are calling troll, but she's appeared genuine thusfar (and is evidently well-known for... well, being stupid).
The stupid's small as of now, but we've an appearance from wild_root_fruit, so it's only bound to get bigger.

ETA: DAMN YOU, we_are_pliable! DAMN YOU!
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Angry Lolitas, For The Win!

EDIT: Oy, guys. Sorry!

Repost! My mistake.

Over in egl, midnightxsilver posts a picture of an apron she just made and is proud of herself. One of her pictures shows the back of her bra and she asks the community to ignore it. The apron's cute and the bra isn't a big deal, right?


celticfreefall and exploding_candy are extremely offended by this act and voice their opinion.  midnightxsilver says "its just a pretty dumb thing to even mention, honestly."  To which exploding_candy replies "I'd argue that it was pretty dumb to post your underwear on the internet for 6000+ people to stare at, but whatever tickles your pickle. At least you shaved your armpit."

Cut to uttate saying that everyone who thinks the bra-shot is obscene is anti-feminist. Additionally, midnightxsilver has boobs and you don't, that's why you're so angry!

. . .

Yes, I probably deserve the stupid for looking at egl anyway . . . but I'm bored and it's either this or homework.
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i got fined for doing someting illegal, BAWWW.

In the brisneyland  community:

_somuchlofi   is quite miffed at having the cops search his bag because he is wearing sunglasses. That's not really the stupid.

The stupid is his surpise at getting fined for being fined for possessing alcohol. He's 17, and technically a minor (the legal drinking age in Australia is 18).

"Low and behold we both had quantities of alcohol on us, and being minors, he thought a fine was in order. $225,  confiscation of booze and a lovely infringement notice later and we were sent packing."

Luckily, most people who have replied think he should suck it up and deal with it, because he was doing something that was against the law. However, we do have some stupid in the form of bundahberg  's post:

"Ensuring the civil rights and basic freedoms of australia is more important than one individual crime."

Kudos to naughty_fairy  's posts, re: reality.

(i hope this is not fail)

edit: Shit, locked! No wai! I swear it was open before I posted. :|  Sorry.

Here's the original post Collapse )

</i> edit2: YAY, META! Lolz, I love how George Bush gets brought up about a post concerning Australian law.